Apologies, a picture and a great song.

Well, so much for striking while the iron was hot.

My goofy Fuzzball thing gets Freshly Pressed and true to my nature, I become afflicted with shyness AND writer’s block.  Not that I can’t understand; this is really the first time that anybody who might not feel obligated has read anything I’ve written, and that it was not only accepted but spotlighted pretty well threw me.  Ordinarily I keep my work in a dark, menacing corner of the hard drive and nobody who hasn’t known me for like fifteen years has ever gotten even a peek.  My parents don’t even know I write, and I’ve actually lied to keep it that way.

That said, I have been writing.  One thing in particular is kinda kicking my ass, but I think it’s on track now.  There’s at least two other drafts working too, and a whole little pocket spiral notepad full of notes, so I’m hoping for a massive burst of posting over this three day weekend.

On a more relevant note, I did do some research into looked up string theory on Wikipedia in the interim between Fuzzballs and now and learned why they use the term “branes”.  It should really be ‘branes, as in membranes, as in string theory posits the existence of more than the four dimensions (x, y, z and time) we experience in the course of our existence.  It seemed to start as a method of making the math work, and I believe the two main opinions are that there are either 10 or 27 total dimensions, but I assume that the membrane terminology is that these branes serve to limit us to the three dimensional space and the linear time we’re all familiar with.  And goddamn, but I love that science is getting so advanced that it’s a struggle to wrap everyday minds around what they’re unearthing now.

Lastly, since I’m among fellow writers here, I thought you might appreciate the lyrics to this song.  The band is called Mischief Brew, the album is called Smash the Windows and the song is written by a fine young firebrand named Eric Peterson.  I highly doubt that most people would like the music, but it does have that really badass sing-alongable part at the end.  I’ve been walking around singing it when nobody’s listening for days and days now.

Picture related  —->


5 thoughts on “Apologies, a picture and a great song.

    • At a distance, it sounds impressive: I play guitar, a little violin and some mandolin, and if you put a gun to my head I could maybe play a bass well enough to stave off any violence.

      Up close, as in close enough to hear me actually play any of those things, it’s much less remarkable. Much, much less. You?

      • once a year, to my continuing amazement, i am asked to play THE NASHUNULL ANTHEMUM to a captive crowd of many hundreds. there could be 1000.
        a mediocre musician cannot ask for anything more: a captive audience, which HAS TO PAY ATTENTION (& not yak so much) and THEN APPLAUD (no matter how bad you do) when yer done.
        i do this on the har moan eeek a.
        my so-called claim to fame is that i can “butcher the classics” for many minutes before whatever audience gets visibly bored. (yeah, i know, they’re invisibly bored a lot sooner)

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