Happy 12/21/12!

As we all know, the world ends today – because clearly there’s not a more mundane, practical reason to the Mayan Long Count calendar ending, right? – and I’d just like to say it’s been a privilege to participate in the exchange of ideas here and to get to know some people here that are quite a ways outside the circles I normally move in.  It’s always good to broaden one’s horizons, to hear and to be heard, to bring disparate peoples together that might not otherwise meet.  Nothing but good can come of it, if done for its own sake.

Hey, how do you think time zones will affect the imminent apocalypse?  For example, maybe the world might end here first, since I’m in roughly the same time zone that the Mayans might have been in, maybe, so maybe we here might blink out of existence or burst into flames or be swallowed up by the very earth itself first, and then it might spread out to the rest of the wor


7 thoughts on “Happy 12/21/12!

  1. okay, back to ischmayell: ah spoze ah shood, sumhow, type innuh weigh anyone (you, e.g.) can tell whuddeye meen … I AM THE ONE WHO SHOULD (if not outright apologize, then) say “i was misinterpreted.” i really did (i really did) mean it when i said YOU READ THE BOOKS & TELL WHUT THEY’RE ABOUT. moovin alawng: i’ve only read 1.75 pynchons, so obviously not an expert, there. but(t): i thinK;; anyone who has read just ONE, and thinks they understood (may not be an applicable term) more than 50% of it, they (I M H O) are sumwhut of an expert. continue this dialogue! more posts! (i should talk, i’ll hafta dredge up some ghosts furrrum the passed. tho: YOU motivated me to come up, sumwhut kwyklee, with a post (parkour), eh?

    • I gotcha. Sorry about that.

      As far as Pynchon goes, I understand that Gravity’s Rainbow is the heavyweight champion of possibly non-understandable works of his; Lot 49, by comparison, is supposed to be his most straightforward book, so there’s that. I love those sorts of books, though. There’s a copy of Ulysses on my bookshelf waiting for my brain to get into a twisting-itself-up mood, and I also by dumb luck stumbled across an online wiki-fied version of Finnegan’s Wake too, which is amazing. Still haven’t made it past like page 3, but hey.

      Yes, more posts, on all fronts. Gravity makes the world go around, despite what people say, but dialogue makes it matter. And we do seem to pass around inspiration here just like that cold I caught. Better than a cold, obviously, but still.

      And that story was hilarious. Bet it wasn’t at the time it happened, but retroactively, absolutely.

      • wuzzit yew? or sumwun else, that i mentschund my failures of trying to read certain books. APART FRUM THAT: i thought i “understood” graviddeez (w)rainbow. not so sure about AginstTheDay.
        ohkeh: da failures: i tried to start/read finnegan’s wake a coupla, three times. don’t think i’m even gonna try, ever again. i also could never get pas the forwards and prefaces to tibetanBookUVtheDead. hmmm.
        the pace (?) @ which i’m slogging thru’ “against” could certainly be deemed a failure in itself. my wife frequently reminds me!

  2. post- apocalyptic greets from Austria.
    I must say the end of the world was an amazing experience, all of Vienna was covered in FOG and people were moving TWICE as quickly (because they wanted to get Christmas presents before it´s too late) and at some point it was RAINING too. In the morning we could see the first effects of the nuclear winter (white flakes fell down from the sky). Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, as you have pointed out it must have started earlier for you and you could appreciate it longer.

    • Oh man. To me, Vienna itself would be an amazing experience.

      That’s interesting about the nuclear winter; it appears to have migrated over this way, we got it yesterday. Maybe I had this time zone thing backwards? Either way, it’s entirely much too cold, we Texans can’t handle all this solid state water falling from the sky. I miss my 112 degree summers right now. Nobody else does, but I do.

      I had to work on the 21st, but we also ceased working until Jan. 2nd, and nothing got done that day either. There’s something about the shirking of responsibility that’s even more fun than not having responsibility to begin with, isn’t there? I did catch a cold, but it didn’t kick in until the next day, so it didn’t adversely affect the apocalypse. Been sniffling and reading ever since. All in all, as ends of the world go, it was a nice one. Glad you enjoyed yours too.

      • Wouldn´t be too sad to visit the USA one day myself, as I recall my husband has distant family somewhere there (but I don´t think in Texas). I´ve only been to England a couple of times up until now.

        At the moment snow isn´t really a big deal in Vienna, seems to be a warm winter again after all (I actually like snow, but I did grow up in a skiing area) if you have some left would you send it over please?

        The thing about shirking responsibilities is just so true, where´s the fun in procrastinating when you don´t really HAVE to do anything on time…

        Hope you got rid of your cold now 🙂


      • Yeah, the US catches a lot of flak, which it richly deserves in many, many ways, but it’s not all bad. And it’s so big anyway, it’s tough to describe it all at once.

        The snow never lasts long here. You’d probably laugh at how it shuts the whole town down though. One guy slips on a patch of lonely ice on the road and the schools and employers lock right down. All of it probably would have fit into one of those Flat Rate postage envelopes anyway.

        The cold is gone now (mostly), and thank you 🙂

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