How Does I Reblog Poem: Leaf

Concrete Poetry: Leaf.

I don’t normally reblog stuff, but this came up in my Reader (I do actually check it sometimes, I swear) and struck me several times in the face and head this morning.  In a really good way.

The author has another piece of concrete poetry that I stumbled across months ago, from which I learned that during my early poetry writing days I had been producing said concrete poetry without knowing it was a thing that had a name.  The other one is a fairly whimsical ode to the semicolon, which is a punctuation mark I’m very fond of.  All due respect to Cormac McCarthy – who hates semicolons and never uses them – is intended.

This one, though, is a lot deeper, entirely coherent, the leaf shape symbolizes the poem, the color scheme symbolizes where the poem goes, the poem itself is incredibly well written…you know, most poetry you’d stumble across online is pretty self-indulgent, and when it’s not that, it’s pretty self-important, and this is neither.  This is a meditation on the Big Cycle of Life and Death, but also the little cycles that comprise the bigger one, spiraling down and down it goes until you see that every infinitely divisibly minute unit of time is an Apocalypse and the Creation.  It’s a treatise on time and how we too often misuse it, and yet even misused it isn’t ever really wasted.  It’s a contrast between the tiny fleetingness of a leaf and the vast, all-encompassing birth-becoming-death that we all share in, animate sentience and inanimate existence alike.  It’s about the small everyday pleasures, the fear and pain of maturity and its freedom, and not a little about a writer exulting in language; the author’s affection for words as things in themselves rather than merely a mode of communication is more than evident.

Hey, if you don’t believe me, let me remind you that the previous poem was about a semicolon.  And it was great too.

Seriously, this should be the national anthem of, like, reality.  It is, though, in a way.


9 thoughts on “How Does I Reblog Poem: Leaf

    • yer quiet (mr. bleuN-thisss) and for a short while i thought that maybe part of that is ’cause some of us didn’t appear that excited about the REblog. i sat down and read it and (go ahead and call me trite and corny, but) i felt that i lived an entire (very short) life while reading the poem. it IS good, I M H O.

      • Yeah, it does kinda feel like that, it really pulls you in. Anyway, overediting has me quiet, lol. Writing an article on a certain social/political issue that’s prominent right now and it’s hard to make sure I don’t get all this mouth froth all over it. Almost culled all the fucks and motherfuckers and whatnot from it.

        Also working on another science article. Er, two, actually. One is kind of a particle physics primer just because I don’t think anyone ever explains that stuff very well, and people said I did good with that on the fuzzball thing, so. The other was about dark matter, but I dunno now…here’s dark matter: it’s invisible, it doesn’t really do anything and as of now it’s more a mathematical placeholder to make certain theories work, with some minor observational evidence to back that up. Not that interesting. I should do that old idea I had instead, about light.

        But yeah, I had to reblog that poem. That kinda knocked me over a little. Glad you liked it too; I figured you in particular would appreciate it.

      • not to worry about ME contributing to your continuing delinquency — last time was before yoo wuzz born-u-lated (35 years or so)

  1. Woah! That’s a lot of praise..
    Many, many thanks for all the kind words, and your scrutiny of the poem (not to mention the reblog)!
    I have written, and will be writing more, so keep checking your reader!

    • Awesome! Have you ever been published anywhere at all? I’ve found exactly one book of poetry over the years that I liked enough to buy, and nothing in that book was as good as this.

      And thanks for writing a poem that warrants the scrutiny. When I first read it I felt that “thing” you feel when you’re reading something with a lot of depth to it…like you sense it’s there before you take a closer look at it, if that makes any sense. So I read it again and saw how everything tied together so simply like I mentioned, and it doesn’t try to be above anyone’s head or otherwise be pretentious or anything. I dunno, I like everything about it, it’s one of those things I wish I’d written myself. Really, really good.

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