Rather than: Blue talks with “Bloo”

This is a transcript of an email conversation between myself and Betunada that rapidly sprawled into a bunch of metaphysical speculation of the sort that we find interesting.  We agreed to both post it up, and true to form, it took me forever to do it.  I can’t vouch for the validity of the ideas that we discuss, but then that’s the nature of the beast, isn’t it?  It’s just always made sense to me on some deeper level that’s very difficult to articulate.  Still, we tried, and here it is.  Hopefully you’ll find it interesting too.

Then again, we’re both writers; we think everything we say is interesting.  It’s why we’re writers!

Rather than: Blue talks with “Bloo”.


6 thoughts on “Rather than: Blue talks with “Bloo”

  1. guess whut: i think we’re (eventually) gonna make this one look small, short, limited. maybe within a week we’ll conjecture about sumtang else-u-latedly more effervescent

    • Exactly. If I could just find the time to write a book about this stuff, I know I wouldn’t lack for things to say. That would be one fucking monster of a long book. But I still don’t know how you’d teach it to someone completely new to it. I found it infuriatingly baffling until I puzzled just enough out to not be completely lost, but I think maybe that’s part of the process. Those were some smart guys that came up with it; if they wanted to present it more straightforwardly, I’m certain they could have.

      Alan Watt actually said something about that, but he was talking about Zen koans. They’re intended to exhaust your intellect so you’ll quit using it, and then your brain is wide open and defenseless, and then you suddenly GET IT. It’s goddamn brilliant.

      • Good god, I was just reading something about that. Then I came here to WRITE something about it. Now I’m reading your comment about it.

        I have to get to work now. Jesus christ.

      • is the unINfernal dia-logue, and dia-tribe-ing, reduced in instensity somewhat? i have to work, tomorrow and M-F probably for the rest of my life (with occasional weekends and 2- or 3-week stints when field-werk-season re-commences), thanks to lowered chrishnaw.

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