I just discovered that I had an About page.  One of my articles was Freshly Pressed before I realized I have an About page
on my own blog.  Take from that what you will.

The rest will be a little tricky; I loves me some internet anonymity.  I started this blog to serve as a lash to drive me to write against my own lazy nature, never expecting anyone to actually read it.

All the advice out there seems to insist that to run a “successful” blog, that one needs to specialize in a certain topic.  I will not be doing that here.  My interests are varied, sometimes contradictorily so, and so my writings reflect that.  The hope is that people might read something they wouldn’t ordinarily, and discover a new interest they didn’t know they had, as has happened to me numerous times.

As for my writing, I started out writing awful poetry (that will never ever be posted here), moved on to short stories and now primarily write the sort of essays that can be found here and three novels-in-progress.  One would be sort of a working class Mad Men, one is something of a metaphysical love story and the last is a man who suffers a horrific childhood trauma and chooses to stifle the damage from it, and the book documents the end stages of his coming apart decades after the incident.

As for me, the less said the better.  I don’t want anything about myself or my background to color anyone’s opinions about the veracity of my writing.  That said, I can’t seem to avoid being irreverent and willfully idiotic about most everything I write.  If you can’t bring yourself to joke around about something important to you, I’d argue that it’s not actually as important to you as you think it is.  I’d also probably be wrong, but I often am.

I will say that when I’m not here, I’m either tending, feeding or rescuing bats.  Mexican free tails, big browns, a myotis, Jamaican, African and Egyptian fruit bats, an Indian flying fox, Carollias, etc.  Whatever kind needs us.  It’s new yet and I’m still learning, but thus far it seems like a perfect fit for me.


39 thoughts on “About

      • you DID spiffy thingssuppabit. preeveee-out musta been the ‘blank’/generic “about” and. hay! i’ve been mucking with this WP thing for (Mbare-assed to say) nigh awn 1/2 year now and am not real comfortable with navigating within. took me over a month to “find” the gravatar stuff. noomerous times changing themes. i’ve gotten a couple “positive”/i like thissss’ so i’ll keep the present. i also identify with your penchant for a modicum of anonymity. the less REALLY KNOWN the better. however, you apparently have a much better chance for “writing accomplishments” than i’ll ever have! as you might-a noticed, my last post was a REJECTED piece i submitted to regional ‘zines. cheer! (beer!)

      • Thank you. And thanks again for pointing out my About page, haha. Feel a little silly for being unaware of it. I like the way your blog looks too, it’s nice and clean. Was thinking of changing my theme, though…just not sure to what. Maybe when I have as much experience with WP as you and have a better idea of what I want. What would a veteran WPer such as yourself suggest?

        I like the way you write, though. The snake story was really good: funny, mysterious (how did it get in the dryer?), expressed sympathy and compassion for the snake, well articulated…but I’m the same way, I think every other writer in the world is better than me. We’re our own worst critics, as cliche as that is to say. Sorry about the rejection, though. That seems like it would be hard not to take personally. Pretty sure I would. But hey, you tried; I haven’t. Presumed rejection and didn’t bother, which is perhaps not the most productive attitude to have. Have you been published before?

        And anonymity is cooler anyway: you get to make up a cool nickname, you can write whatever awful, controversial stuff you want without worrying about scandalizing your mom, it’s just better all around. How’d you get betunada, if you don’t mind my asking?

      • it was, i think, 1975? (not sure) but ‘betty’ and I were joining my parents and youngest brother in San Carlos (near Guaymas) Mexico for the Christmas season. … several daze later we were looking at a big box of some of the most awful cookies we had ever had. If you/me/we were to ‘google’ Betunada we’d arrive at the Mexican cookie company which makes Rascas Betunadas. The box had this demented somewhat deformed clown on it. We decided that the cartoon was an example of a race of beings we called “Rascas Betunadas.” some time later I gradually became a slight perturbation of that name.
        the story of Kro Magnon is more recent, and simpler.

  1. That’s interesting. Glad I didn’t google that (I think we’re at a point where you don’t need to capitalize google as a verb, right?) cuz then I wouldn’t have gotten that story. My friends and I are always doing stuff like creating races of beings from random words or the like; it always just draws strange looks from anyone outside our circle. Suppose that means we’re strange.

    Okay, you shared, so I will too (plus mine isn’t googleable): my WP name is a phrase from an old poem I wrote. One of my better ones, but that’s kinda like if you baked a batch of cookies and burned them and then got one of the least blackened ones and said it was one of the better cookies.

    • Well sure, I mean I have no doubt that the Olmecs tracked solar cycles somehow. I know what you mean, though; there’s no doubt some arcane temporal prophesies to be made up, and I for one will not rest until they are. In full. We could make an(other) entire generation quake at our fiction.

      BTW, I read back over that last post, the one that’s not there anymore, and I found myself agreeing with you, which is why it’s not there anymore. Anything that requires that much explanation after the fact isn’t really worth salvaging. Thanks for the critique.

      • whoa! da fagowie?? you could (go ahead, i might not mind, i just insulted another one of my favorite WP acquaintances yesterday, a post about ZITS and went back, read it, and wished i could RE WIND my comment. i’ll tiptoe back o’er there and see if apology axxxeptit.

        anyhoo: (takes a breath, wear wuzz eye?) i rarely (IMHO) hit “it” directly upon whatever head, i yoozyoo-ullee XXX playing tooo mutsch or not nuff.

  2. mitch ain’t singin’ tooo loudly uv wreesent.
    kah-ching! re-wind … i get n or un or underKawmyeeYooni cado (not @ alwl like an avocadough). often i’ll troll the murky backwaters of posts gone bad, or almost missing, or something gymmorrisun might poeticize (i thougt of “describing sailors to the underfed” — from softParade, i think).

  3. believe nothing buddha? (my mouse/scrolling thingy was rolling about your page, and THAT popped up! which, reminds me: you DO embed links and associations to and within your posts. i can’t do that, but probably could learn how. so, how do you, the veteran WP, do that?

    • i used to be able to put in photos with a choice of sizes, orientations, left- or right-leaning, etc. but NOT NO MOAH. how does one do that? (i’m askin’ the inveterate confederate WP honcho, here)

    • Wow, I was just writing my next post, that’s good timing, lol. Thanks though, I appreciate that. Not sure if I’ll get it posted tonight, I’m pretty sleepy, but tomorrow for sure. Sorry to be gone so long.

  4. mr. NNN veee (venom) ous here: YOU gotta lotta more comments on yore hoam “about” page … than i. whudduzz that meen? one thing: we’re carrying on conversations (fer lackuvvvabeddurwerd). here.
    think i’ll post an obituary. soon. (snot whutchatheenk)

    • We do tend to talk some here, so that helps. Really, for anything I’ve posted here, the actual amount of comments is probably like half what it says since I always try to reply to everyone. Only seems fair if they took the time to read my rambling, right?

      RIP blueinthislight, 1980 – 2013. He was a kinda okay writer who was not JD Salinger. Goodnight, sweet prince.

      • ??
        i suspect you’re not … entirely … discorporated, yet.
        there is a methudddd to the maddness (yore wrambleeng-bling) and you could say, say, t Pynchon, rambles

      • No, not entirely. Not sure my aunts and grandmothers would agree; they are convinced that I’m starving to death because I’m skinny and don’t have a woman cooking for me. We’ll just keep this line of discussion from them. And there is a semblance of method to it, thank you for noticing. Yours as well. And hell, Pynchon too. It always annoys me when people say that unconventional writing like Pynchon’s and James Joyce’s is nonsense…it’s not, they just didn’t take the time to understand it. Which is fine, Ulysses isn’t required reading to be intelligent or anything, but don’t just be dismissive because it’s a hard book. Lots of people think Finnegan’s Wake is like that, and while I’m not going to pretend I “get” that book by any means, I do sense that there’s a meaning to it. Several, even. Guy didn’t spend seventeen years writing gibberish…why would anyone do that?

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  6. shine on dood! wear the sun doanutt shyingg!
    axually, i came by to lament on the VOID of no (w)responsss furrummm you as to my TORTURED SOULS. again (this is, oh, 3… yeah, about 3, posts motivated in part by stuff you’ve postidd). hint: has to do with “paper”

    • I’m a little in lamentations too. I get caught up in things, leave people hanging, keep good(-ish) essays languishing in Drafts forever. Earth girl even gave me an award, and have I done anything about it? Nope. Now I am involved in a project of sorts lately, a collaboration with an artist I know – I write, he arts it up – but still.

      I think it’s because if I log in to read, then I’ll feel guilty about not writing enough, so I just don’t log in at all. Solution: write enough.

      • or you could “cheat” like me! find OLD posts and refurbish ’em. i’m considering one of my earliest WP posts, unread (perhaps rite-fooly so) and re-posting as “new.”

      • Do it! If nobody read it, it doesn’t count.

        For posting purposes, I mean. I know you write just to write and that readers are icing on the cake. Sure, we like icing, but.

  7. yeah, i spoze. there is the mostly-undefined intuited … reason? urge? call of the salmon in the sea to schwimm upstrreeem to spawn? in which the response is part of the whole thing. not very, if any, profound, but THAT’S IT for now and i’ll be back (like yerself, sumday) broadcasting from wearever Radio Free Cerveza duzzitts thingfrum.

  8. 2 things (for now): i am just a little impatient, but if we’re going to take over the internet, you’ve got to get off your lazy posterior and help me go at it.
    2. um, our in-progress email interchange which I AM GOING TO POST BECAUSE I HAVE RUN OUT OF ORIGINAL IDEAS is languishing.
    there is apparently not much going on in your life. now, one of my purposes in life is to make PEOPLE LIKE YOU feel better about themselves. check my blog, and you’ll see i have even less going on in my life than you!

    • yeah, me too — but maybe it’s not true that “me too” even compares or is applicable. been “in the field” for almost 3 weeks and the traumaticazzun is mostly worn off. as threatened, i am considering POSTING our interchange (but should probably change a couple or three names so as NOT to give any credit to those whom made me sad, among other things. mung, for example. my fingers can just fly, but not like a real bird, like something remote-controlled which can’t fly too well. but flies, somewhat.
      hope yer not entirely dead.

  9. rumors uv yore deee myze mite knawt bee rumrz?
    (go to cavalcade fruita (a sort of ‘club’ in fruita, colorawdough) and clikk pix and recently dee pause ittid izz one ooglay harmawnikka dood!)
    hows the bike commuting? i’m, uh, toughening? up for the impending ‘significant’ birthday by trying to ice-hockey goalie regularly. beaten UP!

  10. i KNOW you’re up to something. one or more of those gnaw-velz in progress?
    my blog is increasingly like watching the H two OH swirling down the porcelain oval … the yawning jaws of (not exactly “death” but that’s one weigh uv lookin @ it) the chönyid bardo, or some other bardo

  11. readin’ a sumwhut pixure edition of dow tay ching-a-ling. i’m about as sure as i am about anything that

    Tao Te Ching = Bhagavad-Gita = nagualism of Don Juan/Carlos C.

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