This used to say Hello World right here

I had to change it, because I’m not a programmer.  I don’t have near enough autism for it, sadly.  There is, however, one thing, one basic fundamental bond, one precious bit of common ground between programmers and I:  we both type shit.  The sticking point is comprehensibility.  They do it for machines, I do it for people.  I did try to learn to do it their way once, but I didn’t even get past Logic Design.  Tasteless jokes about mental disorders aside, my brain seriously does not work that way, and it’s hard not to respect people who can do things that I can’t do.  English appeals to me because it’s so malleable; there are a hundred ways to say the same thing, and it’s beautiful.  The rules bend as well.  Those are the only good kind of rules; they should all do that.

Quiet disquiets me, too much noise makes me cringe, and good music of whatever sort is just right.  Spirituality fascinates me just as much as science, politics dismays and saddens me and I generally like individuals but despise people.  Random fact:  literally every possible blog title containing the word misanthropy or one of its permutations is taken here on WordPress.  Please take the word of a random person on the internet that I tried them all.  It took a reeeeeeally long time.  It is my humble hope that my research ultimately benefits not only WordPress, but all of humanity.

Right now I’m hot (but I’m always hot ifyaknowwhatimean), tired from work and spending way too much time writing this.  In everyday life I walk as much as I can instead of drive, am in love, and if you were to do something for me, I would say thank you much – kinda like Elvis, but without the adverbiage – and entreat you to have a good one.

Take these informative yet obtuse facts here and derive from them what you will.  I also really like the word obtuse.  Really, really like it.  Hopefully subsequent writings appearing here interest you, although if I’m being completely honest, I would be baffled as to why they would.

Obtuse obtuse obtuse obtuse obtuse obtuse obtuse obtuse obtuse.